History Of Backgammon

Backgammon is a very popular game that requires both skill and luck. The history of backgammon has ancient origins and its evolution took a really long time to occur. History of backgammon started with a game called Senet. This was played in Egypt on a board with 3 X 10 squares. The rules of this game are unknown though but people believe that this game was used for gambling purposes. The dice of this game was made up of either bone or ceramic. A library full of classic casino table games for you to explore is available on https://www.casinoclowns.com/europa-casino-app-download.html. Perfect for on-the-go play using your mobile device.

The history of backgammon, now takes us to Rome and its game Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum. This game was derived from Senet and was played with three six-sided dice. The board of this game had three rows of 12 points each. Emperor Claudius was extremely fond of this game. Legends say that he loved his game so much, that he even got one game attached to his chariot. The next thing to happen in the history of backgammon is the dropping of one table also known as tabula. This happened in the year 500 A.D.

The history of backgammon took a turn when it reached England after the invasion in the first century. This game was called as Tables. The rules of Tables were very much similar to modern day backgammon. The history of backgammon survived the middle ages. It was splayed only by the upper class. Later it was banned because it was a game of gambling.

The most important point of history of backgammon was the year 1645. It was for the first time that this game was referred to as Backgammon. It was derived from the English words game and back. It meant that it is you can go back in this game, in case of the blots that are sent back to the bar. So this was a history of backgammon.